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World Scout Jamboree 2015 - Japan



The next World Scout Jamboree will be held in Japan during the summer of 2015. 5 units from Scotland will attend the World Scout Jamboree as part of the UK contingent and East Region has been allocated 27 places.

A World Scout Jamboree is an exciting opportunity for Young People in Scouting.

A promotional Poster can be found here.

Participants must be between 14 and 18 years old to be able to attend which means their date of birth needs to be between 28th July 1997 and 27th July 2001. These age ranges are set by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement and are not flexible.

The UK contingent has set the price for Young People at £2995 which includes all travel, food, participation in the Jamboree event from 28th July – 8th August, a short stay in Tokyo, home hospitality in Japan, kit and insurance. Price should not put Young People off applying and selection will in no way involve any sort of means testing. Participants and families must make a commitment to the fundraising process.

Young People who would like to apply for selection should complete the application form and email it to international@eastscotlandscouts.org.uk by Friday 4th October.
Please note that filling in an application form does not guarantee a place at the selection event. The application will form the first part of the selection process and applicants will be invited to attend the selection weekend based on the information and way you sell yourself in the application form.

Some things to bear in mind with regards to selection:

• The nature of a Jamboree Unit is such that a variety of ages from 14-18 at the time of the event is required. During selection there may be some different expectations based on the age of the applicant. 

• Climate during the Jamboree is likely to be hot and temperatures over the last few years at the location have exceeded 30 degrees Celsius regularly, and remain high at night. There are some quite active elements of the Jamboree programme including hiking and climbing so, when combined with the expected temperatures, applicants should have good physical fitness. 

• Tattoos – Japanese culture does not always welcome tattoos and those with tattoos are not permitted admission to some public places including swimming pools (where it is very hard to cover up). Small tattoos may be able to be covered up with tape but larger ones could become more problematic for the individual, and the Unit Leadership Team. The Unit Leader Team will have to take this into account when selecting participants as they will require a plan of action should a unit member not be allowed into a public place. This doesn’t automatically eliminate those with tattoos from the selection process but would be something which would have to be considered.

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