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45th Cubs Retain The Cub Flag


 Over a fun packed weekend the following cub packs competed for the 2013 Cub Flag at Douglaswood, 5th, 7th, 20th, 22nd, 26th, 45th and 49th.

 With remarkable ease all the cub packs managed to pitch their tents on the Friday night and everyone was ready in plenty of time for the camp to open on time.

 A few welcome games were played only to be interrupted by the arrival of the Tesco Delivery. While all this was happening the young leaders were building a campfire and soon had a roaring fire going.

 At the camp fire the cubs sang a mixture of old and new songs along with performing a few sketches.

Cubs at Campfire

Following the camp fire a fun quiz was held with all the packs doing very well and soon it was off to bed and a relatively quiet night by cub standards.

 Saturday started with a moment of hilarity when a leader got slightly carried away as to the amount of Rice Crispies he tried to fit in in his bowl.

Rice Crispie Spillage

Once breakfast was over and the Rice Crispies was cleared up the Flag started with a few fun games to get the cubs warmed up before starting to go around the zones to complete the bases.

 Throughout the day cubs completed tasks in three zones named Circus Skills, Scouting and Science and Stars with the only interruption being for lunch.

The Science and Stars Zone

The Circus Skills Zone

The Scouting Skills Zone

A Young Leader Joining In Circus Skills

Come tea time the cubs had completed many challenges and this signalled the end of the Flag for the day with the evening being filled by fun games and a DVD.

When we awoke the next morning Douglaswood was being battered by torrential rain and strong winds but like all good cubs this did not stop us from braving the elements to take part in the final zone of the weekend based on fun. Challenges included Space Hopper Races and Water Relays.

 When it came time to take the tents down the rain stopped and was soon replaced by bright sunshine and soon the cubs were dried out again.

 Eventually the time arrived for the final results to be announced which was as follows

1st - 45th

2nd - 7th

3rd - 5th

4th - 49th

5th -26th

6th - 20th and 22nd

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