Dundee District Scout Council

Cub Flag 2014


Eleven Cub Packs took part in this years Cub Flag at Douglaswood with the packs being represented as follows - 5th, 7th, 20th, 22nd, 26th Monday, 26th Friday, 30th, 32nd, 45th, 49th and 62nd.

Over the weekend cubs carried out various tasks based in five zones covering the following themes - Foods of the World, Games of the World, Photography, The Cube tv programme and Scouting.

These activities ran throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday morning, while Friday and Saturday evenings and nights were more relaxed with Fun Games, Campfire, DVD and a Onesie Disco.

On the Cube Cubs had to solve many different puzzles as they could in the given time with some harder than others.

Cubs on The Cube

Foods of the world included cooking French Onion Soup, tasting breads and identifying various sausages.

Cubs cooking soup

Photography involved cubs taking photos around Douglaswood, uploading onto a computer and then printing their own calendars.

Scouting required cubs to carry out simple pioneering, grid refrences and first aid all skills identified as ones cubs need more practice on.


The final base was Games of the World which saw cubs carrying out a trail similar to a Treasure Trail and other challenges based on games of the world

Mummy Wrapping

At the end of the weekend in a very close finish the 45th were the winners beating the 7th in to second on a tie break followed by the 20th a further point behind.

The Winners


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