Dundee District Scout Council

Cub Flag 2015


Fourteen teams representing nine packs took part in the 2015 Cub Flag at Douglaswood.

 Friday evening was a relaxed night of fun games after the pitching of the tents and the unexpected arrival of around 100 people from North East Fife District who arrived for a District camp of their own.

 A relatively early night by cub standards led to most of them being up very early in the morning and before many of the leaders.

 Following breakfast and a few warm up activities the Cub Flag started in earnest with four zones being covered over the two days. Zones included activities such as shelter building, traditional scouting, compass, first aid, archery and kite flying.

 Bases stopped in the evening for games and a campfire with North East Fife District. Saturday night saw the rain which had threatened all day eventually come although thankfully not until everyone was tucked up in their tents.

 The wet weather somewhat subdued the Cubs in the morning but they were soon warmed up with a warm breakfast and a few indoor activities to lift their spirits.

A few changes where possible were made to the bases to allow for the weather before the Cubs set of on the last part of the competition.

 In no time at all the bases were over just as the rain stopped. The Cubs  then took down their tents and had some lunch before the final result was announced.

 In third place was the 22nd a, second was the 20th a and the clear winners were the 32nd much to the delight and surprise to everyone connected to the pack. A big well done to the 32nd who were a thoroughly deserving victor.


       The winning victorious 32nd Pack Cus and Leaders receiving the 2015 District Cub Flag.

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