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An exciting new partnership outlines '14 things to do before you're 14'. 

Discovery Networks UK is to sponsor the Pioneer Activity Badge in a drive to encourage more young people to take up the challenges and opportunities of Scouting.

Outdoors instinct
Recent research by Discovery identified a huge gap in adventurous activities for UK youth. Pursuits such as kite flying, navigating with a map, reading a compass or using a telescope to identify constellations have fallen out of favour.

However the same research revealed that young people are adventurous at heart and that their parents would love to see them undertaking more outdoor tasks.

Life skills
Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, is delighted with the initiative. ‘Practical skills are at the heart of Scouting. From first aid to cooking a meal, we encourage all young people to learn skills they can use in life. While learning together, girls and boys grow in confidence and self-esteem.’

This view was echoed by Susanna Dinnage, General Manager, Discovery Networks UK:

Our research shows a strong appetite for outdoor activities and adventure among young people and parents. Practical skills have lost some of their popularity. We would like to see a revival of these crafts.


Active citizens
The list of ‘14 things to do before you’re 14’ aims to encourage young people to take on new challenges and live their life to the full.

Bear continued: ‘Having these skills helps young people prepare for whatever life throws at them, enabling them to become active and responsible citizens who are willing to take a lead. Scouts are always prepared for adventure. It is part of what makes them so great.’

The full list is:

1. Navigate using a map
2. Climb a tree
3. Make and fly a kite
4. Cook a meal
5. Repair a bike
6. Camp outdoors with your friends
7. Build a den
8. Put up a tent
9. Ride a sledge
10. Use a telescope to look at the stars
11. Light a fire safely
12. Learn basic first aid
13. Go on a nature trail
14. Tie a reef knot

About the activity packs
Pioneering used to refer to the work of military engineers who went ahead on the army on foot, building bridges, constructing roads and generally preparing the way ahead.

The Pioneer Activity Badge continues this tradition, and the new pack contains guides to everything from building a bridge to constructing a camp.

More information on Discovery’s sponsorship of the Pioneer Activity Badge, along with leaders’ resources, can be found on the Discovery webpage.



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