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As I stood fixing my Necker in the mirror at the gatehouse at Douglas wood the peace and quiet of this Damp Friday evening began to drift away to the sound of a convoy of cars heading my way......65 Scouts, 15 Leaders, 8 Young leaders and 11 inspections later District Flag 2012 had begun!!


11 teams from 9 Groups took part in this year’s District Flag Competition, They were:

5th Green (Downfield)
5th Yellow (Downfield)
7th (Stobswell)
22nd (Fintry)
25th (Broughty Ferry)
26th (Logie)
30th (Meadowside)
32nd (Hilltown)
45th (Broughty Ferry)
49th Flacons (Broughty Ferry)
49th Hawks (Broughty Ferry)

 The Competition was tough and Patrols were marked on pretty much everything! Having to completely fend for themselves with no Leader help the patrols arrived on site and checked in with the ADC for an inspection. They were then shown their location and began to set up their site that would have to consist of a Patrol tent, Dining Shelter, Store tent, wood pile, Alter fire and working area. Everything the patrols did was marked and inspected to see what Scout Patrol was the best of the best!


 “I can honestly say This year’s District Flag has been one of the best camps I have been on. The absolute dedication and determination I have seen this weekend has made me feel very proud to be the ADC for Scouts in Dundee. Its a privilege to work alongside these groups and I could not be happier at the turn out and hard work this weekend. To me every Patrol was a winner in their own way and they should all be proud of what they have achieved over the weekendBarry Ross ADC Scouts Dundee


This years winning Patrol was the 5th Green with the 26th coming runners up. The 5th now have the Honour and Privilege of being the holders of the District Flag until they return to try and hold their place as the best of the District at next year’s competition.

 Tthe finishing positions for the patrols were as follows:


1st place – 5th Green (Downfield)
2nd place – 26th (Logie)
3rd place – 49th Hawks (Broughty Ferry)
4th place – 5th Yellow (Downfield)
5th place – 45th (Broughty Ferry)
6th place – 7th (Stobswell)
7th place – 32nd (Hilltown)
8th place – 30th (Meadowside)
9th place – 25th (Broughty Ferry)
10th place –22nd (Fintry)

11th place - 49th Flacons (Broughty Ferry)



Well done Scouts and see you next year!



The 5th (Downfield) Dundee Scouts green Patrol - The Winning Patrol


The 26th (Logie) Dundee Scouts Patrol - The Runners Up



Camp Site Camp Site


Saturdays Cook Off! 32nd Being Joined by Their Dinner Guest


30th Posing whilst working  What happens when YL's dont behave


Saturdays Tea with the 49th MAKE SURE ITS COOKED!!! 


  The Healthy Option The 5th Know how to relax


Time to Strike Camp Saturdays Challenge base 


  Cooking with the 49th Saturdays incident Hike


  The Emergency Shelter      Scouts doing what they do best


Pioneering  Camp Gadgets


  Drying Rack Trusting the rope!!


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