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Cub Flag In The Sunshine


The 2012 Cub Flag was held at Douglaswood in glorious sunshine. On a weekend where Douglaswood was warmer than Rome the cubs did not let the heat stop them giving their all in attemting to win the cub flag. Over the weekend the cubs all well protected by sun cream visited four zones to carry out a number of challenges within these zones.

The outdoor zone found the cubs identifying trees, going on a short walk using maps and being taught the basics of abseiling (without abseiling)by walking down a small hill backwards using ropes and helmets.


In the scouting zone cubs took part in a sisal trail, code cracking and playing connect four with a twist using grid references to select their choices.


Cubs completed their Athletes badge in the Olympic Zone where they played hockey and volleyball, tried their hand at a shooting game as well as other requirements of the Athletes Badge.                                                        



The final zone was international in which the cubs amongst other things had to build shelters, place countries on a giant world map, follow a trail and had a fishing challenge to catch plastic balls.




The camp also had a visit from the gang show on Saturday night to teach them a number from Glee which the cubs then performed to the very impressed leaders.                                                             

 When the flag ended and the results announced the 45th cubs ran out winners closely followed by the 22nd and the 5th only a further point behind.




Final placings

1st 45th 107 points

2nd 22nd 102 points

3rd 5th A 101 points

4th 26th 100 points

5th = 5th b and 7th 98 points

6th 49th 97 points

7th 32nd 88 points

8th 30th 78 points



Cubs being cooled down

                                                  Cubs being cooled down

Tea Time

Shooting Practice

Leaders Hard At It

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