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Blair Atholl Visitors Day


A party of 39 went by coach to the 2012 Blair Atholl Jamborette Visitors Day. Due to traffic and roadworks the journey took a lot longer than planned but eventually we arrived at the site. At the site we joined up with the cubs and leaders from Perth and Kinross District to share their shelters as well as to split the cost of entry and food and refreshments for the day.

After entry was sorted we split up into smaller groups to look around the site as well as to attend the Country Fair. The Fair gave people the chance to try activities and foods associated with the various countries who were represented at the Jamborette. 



The cubs enjoyed amongst others the pyrography, face painting, pancakes and icing sugar (Netherlands) and deep fried mars bars(Scotland). Scouts and leaders also sampled more adventurous foods such as salted chicken (Japan) and Spicey Sausage (Spain) as well as the various (non alcoholic) drinks avaiable.

Cubs and Scouts made full use of the tuck shop while leaders were known to head to the tea and coffee bar for a well deserved break. Everyone, it seems, at some stage found their way to the scout shop to buy momentos of the day as well as many more weird and wonderful items. Going by the amount of bags on the bus back home the shop must have been nearly empty.

As well as the Fair everyone was welcome to visit the sub camps to look around and to visit scouts and leaders they already knew as well as to speak to those they had never met before. By the end of the day most people had made new friends from around the world and many badges and neckers had been swapped.

Once the activities for the afternoon ended we all gathered together again for some games while a few leaders started the almost never ending task of cooking around 250 burgers as well as all the other odds and ends associated with a barbecue.

Eventually everyone was fed and after a small period of relaxation some photographs were taken at the castle steps before everyone had the chance to visit the adventure playpark 

Some of the children from Dundee and Perth and Kinross Districts

Everyone then headed back to the site for more refreshments before making our way to the campfire area for a large campfire. The campfire started with one import thing missing - but the fact the fire had not been lit was soon spotted and very quickly a roaring fire was on the go. A number of old and new songs were sung including some from countries including Austria and South Africa.

All to soon it was time to pack up and head back to the coach for the return journey to Dundee which thankfully was a lot quicker than going in the morning. Everyone seemed to have a good day and a number of people were asking how to apply to go on the next Jamborette in 2 years time.


Some of the Dundee Party

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