Dundee District Scout Council

45th Win JV Muir Trophy


 The First JV Muir Trophy held for 3 years saw 8 teams made up from 5 packs take part in a Treasure Trail around Dundee Town Centre on one of the few good Sundays we have had this Summer. The idea was to try and promote cubs by being seen out in the community.

 Starting from St Andrews Cathedral on the Perth Road cubs solved clues to various destinations and when they got there they answered questions on the location or carried out challenges given when they arrived.

 At Sensation the cubs identified objects by touch, at DCA they drew items by descriptions given, at Discovery they tied knots and pointed a compass at the north and south pole and finally on the steps of the Caird Hall they performed a small song and dance.

 Other destinations visited which required cubs to answer questions included the Howff, City Churches, Dundee University, Tay Bridge and Frigate Unicorn.

 Once all the teams returned to the Churh Hall they received refreshments before the final scores were announced. The final positions were

1st - 45th

2nd - 5th

3rd - 22nd

4th - 49th

5th - 25th

The winning 45th team

 Over the day it was pleasing to have a few people asking what we were doing both adults and children with some showing an interest in getting involved in scouting.

Many people and places helped make the day a success and we would like to thank the following for their replies and assistance Dundee University, The Sensation, The Discovery, Caird Hall, St Andrews Cathedral and Trident Trophies.

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