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Survival Camp


Dundee District Scouts Survival Camp.......



The SURVIVORS...........

After a very frosty start to the morning the Scouts arrived for their survival skills camp. After enduring heavy rain and some snow they built their shelters and then began to cook their tea. After fighting with wet wood they managed to all get some hot food! A small walk through the pitch black woods and then a nice campfire the brave 43 walked off into the darkness to the back woods area of Douglas Wood and spent the night in their survival bags under their shelters. No Scout gave up and they all made it to morning where bacon rolls were eaten and some tidying up of shelters was followed by a very snowy and hailstone lunch of 'Silver Turtles' cooked on the embers of a roaring campfire. Rescue finally came in the form of parents cars as the pouring rain re appeared. A great weekend and a lot of hard work and determination has shown again that Dundee Scouts have what it takes to Survive!


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