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25th Win the JV Muir Trophy


 The following packs took part in this years JV Muir Trophy held in Broughty Ferry. 5th (2 teams), 7th (2 teams), 22nd (2 teams),25th,26th, 45th and the 49th.

 The packs followed given clues to guide them around Broughty Ferry to find the answers to a number of questions about many local landmarks. Cubs also had to collect a number of items ranging from a dandelion to a stone.

 Cubs were also tasked to find out the price of a fish pie in a local eatery so apologies to anyone who had their evening meal ruined. 

On the trail cubs were challenged to photograph a number of items  including a swan and a picture of their own pack. This did provide to be a problem for the 22nd who when posing for the photograph forgot to hold on to their answer sheet and had to watch it float down the River Tay after it was blown out of reach by a gust of wind.


                                        The 22nd before losing their answers


 All packs employed different tactics to find their answers ranging from planning their own route, to running around or in some cases having a slow walk around the area.

 Come eight o'clock all the packs should have returned to the hall but worryingly only one had before the others started to return all blaming their leaders for getting lost.

 Once in the hall packs had one more challenge where they had to make a boat out of given materials, which to gain bonus points had to float in the sink with all packs bar one achieving this.

 While the points were being totalled the cubs had some juice and crisps awaiting for the winner to be announced. Eventually the final points were announced and the top three were as follows.

1st -  the 25th , 2nd - the 5th and 3rd - the 26th

 The winning 25th Cub Pack

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