Dundee District Scout Council

Super Heroes Fun Camp


  Despite the midges a number of cubs and leaders from 7 cub packs arrived at Douglaswood to pitch their tents before the start of a Super Hero themed fun camp. Once all the tents were pitched everyone gathered around the flag pole where the camp was officially opened. 

 The young leaders took the cubs away to play a game of rounders' which lasted so long someone was heard to comment a game of cricket finishes quicker. The game eventually stopped when the food delivery arrived late and cubs were told if they wanted supper they would have to unload the van. Very quickly the van was unloaded and the food placed in the hands of the catering team.

 A wide game was played where the cubs had to save the world by trying to  find glow sticks hidden around the site. These glow sticks needed to be joined together to reach two fuses to defuse the nuclear bomb hidden under Douglaswood. While looking for the glow sticks cubs had to avoid being caught by the leaders. The cubs did very well and succeeded in getting enough glow sticks to defuse the bomb.

 Cubs then had pizza for supper before heading of to bed and for cubs a relatively early night when most of the noise had died down by one o'clock.

 Saturday morning started earlier than planned when the cubs got up in some cases around five o'clock not that many leaders got up as early.

 After breakfast cubs were sent off to take part in a number of activities including a bouncy castle, an inflatable assault course, an inflatable bungee run, archery, code cracking, survival skills, a spiders web, sumo wrestling and casualty simulation.

 A cub failing to reach the end of the bungee run


Cubs reaching the end of the assault course


Sumo Wrestling

After a break for lunch the activities continued until tea time where everyone stopped for a barbecue with the rain thankfully holding off.

 Tea over the evening activities started with a number of cubs and leaders participating while in fancy dress. Evening activities included a tin can alley, James Bond childrens cocktail making, candyfloss making, mug painting, putting and a disco.

Candy Floss Making

 A camp fire followed the evening activities and then after supper it was to bed earlier than it was the night before.

The following morning a number of people struggled to get up both cubs and leaders but with the sun shining everyone was eventually ready and raring to go.

 Sundays activities included a number of water relays, balloon bursting games and finally a large water pistol fight. Going by the large wet stains on a number of people I suspect  some people were using more than water pistols to soak others.

 All too soon it was time to tidy up, take down tents and to close the camp and to present everyone with a souvenir badge designed for the camp.



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